“Disagree and Commit”

Are you, like me, beginning to feel sorry for the traditional retail industry? Lately, the litany of bad-news stories has become relentless. (Yes, I just wrote about this from a different angle; today I have a different theme.) The latest synchrony of doom and gloom... read more +

The Georgetown/Thomson-Reuters 2017 Report

From the foregoing analyses, it is apparent that the financial performance of law firms over the past 10 years has been driven by only one factor: rate increases. As we have seen, demand gowth for law firm services has been essentially flat, productivity has been... read more +

“Transition” or “Chasm?”

The following article was first published earlier this week in The Lawyer.  We reproduce it here with their kind permission. Two days after the US Presidential election, the Atlantic magazine’s lead article, “The Trump Transition Begins,” opened with this short... read more +

Imagine if Pres. Trump Tweeted You Out on This

Q: What could put your firm at severe peril of failure that has nothing to do with clients, markets, bank debt, partner flight, infighting at the top, or any of the other usual suspects? A: A cybersecurity breach of your systems exposing confidential client info. Yes,... read more +

Now What? (Hint: Growth Is Dead)

It’s become a commonplace to observe that Law Land has entered a period of negligible overall real growth in demand. (Five years ago I published Growth Is Dead: Now What?, which at the time prompted a fair amount of skepticism, a perspective on the book which... read more +

Our Still Noble (?) Profession

Having been born in Manhattan, raised in a very close-in suburb which orbited in the firm grasp of The City and existed to serve it (it was the era when parents did that), and having lived and worked on this Island ever since college and law school, I plead guilty to... read more +



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