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We believe that the most sophisticated issues require experienced, senior advisors who’ve been around Boardrooms worldwide. That’s why when you work with Adam Smith, Esq., you deal exclusively with our principals. While we have a powerful array of resources behind the scenes – technology, research, data, design, analysis, and more – it’s delivered to you, our clients, exclusively through our principals.

We have remained small by choice and picky about talent, convinced nothing can substitute for individuals of the highest possible caliber.

We work collaboratively and iteratively, with a high degree of communication; as one client described us, “high touch.”   We try to be as transparent as possible, both in our professional and business affairs.

We believe nothing matters more than rigorous analysis and the discipline of thinking hard about client’s issues, with a fresh perspective and a clear-eyed view brought to bear on each situation.

Therefore, we have no “2 x 2 matrices,” no templates, and we come to each engagement agnostic and unencumbered by presuppositions, understanding the historic path of each firm we work with has been different.

Based in New York City, we operate globally.

Bruce MacEwen / President

A lawyer and consultant to law firms on strategic and economic issues, Bruce is President of Adam Smith, Esq. Since the company’s launch in late 2003, nearly 2,000 articles have appeared on “Adam Smith, Esq.” covering such topics as strategy, leadership, globalization, M&A, finance, compensation, cultural considerations, and partnership structures.

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Janet Stanton / Partner

Janet Stanton is an accomplished business executive who brings her experience from diverse industries and professional service organizations to bear on the business and strategic issues facing law firms in the 21st Century.

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Antonio Leal Holguín / Director

Antonio Leal Holguín is Director at Adam Smith, Esq., focusing on the Latin American legal market.  He is creative and forward-looking, and brings to the table experience in the U.S. and the Latin American legal markets to help law firms prepare for the future.  Antonio is enthusiastic about creating idea-driven, data-led change in the legal profession and in legal education in Latin America.

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Where We’ll Be

There’s no substitute for face to face. Meeting in person invites nuance, shading, adds dimensions to communication, and fosters stronger relationships. So, we travel. Here are a few of our upcoming locations. Are you in the area? Want to meet? Let us know.

Zurich & Geneva
August 27, 2019 Zurich & Geneva
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Bruce MacEwen, President
direct: +1.212.866.4800
mobile: .+1.212.866.2630
New York

Janet Stanton, Partner
direct: +1.212.866.4270
New York

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