Las Vegas and “Non-Obvious” Pattern Recognition

Is your firm facing a gnarly IT issue?  Such as securing client extranets, authenticating (virtual and real) visitors to privileged document repositories or firm financial and competitive information? Chances are that ways of dealing with the challenge you're facing...

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The Envelope, Please…

The American Lawyer has published its "Corporate Scorecard 2003" ranking the top firms in a broad range of transactional categories from IPO's (you guessed it—dead) to bankruptcy (also counter-intuitively quiet) to municipal bond issuance ("who are these guys?"). ...

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Black Swans

This blog is apolitical (and there is zero likelihood of that changing if for no other reason than that the competition in that "blog-space" is murderous), but this Op-Ed about "category errors" in the way the 9/11 commission is proceeding holds lessons for how law...

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Second Class Treatment?

Monica Bay, the incomparable editor of my favorite new publication, Law Firm Inc., leads off this month with a call for firms to start identifying their senior business-side managers (Executive Directors, COO's, et al.) on the firms' websites.  One may well ask, Does...

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How Not to Bid on an RFP (cont’d)

The Wall Street Journal picks up the story of the EDS/Navy outsourced-IT contract that has gone so horribly wrong. From a business perspective, it's even worse than my original post on this (March 18) indicated.  Just as an example, if a serviceman requested a desktop...

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