Google’s IPO and The Law of Unintended Consequences

OK, so this really doesn't have anything to do with the economics or management of law firms. Still, Barron's has a wonderfully contrarian editorial about the pending Google IPO, pointing out among other things that under the Corrupt Bad Old Frank Quattrone System of...

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Corrupt CFOs Thrive in Small Town America

Improbable trivia quiz:  What do Adelphia, Tyco, and Worldcom have in common? Being headquartered in very very small towns:  Respectively, Coudersport, PA (pop: 5,390), Portsmouth, NH (pop: 21,000) and Clinton, Miss. (pop: 25,000). And according to no less a figure...

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Rorschach Test on the Mommy Track

The Wall Street Journal front-paged a story today about the barriers women face in attempting to return to the workforce after having taken time off to be with their kids. Horror stories abound:  A woman who last was a prosecutor with the Manhattan DA's office sent...

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Is JD/MBA An Oxymoron?

If the law is a business, should law school be more like business school?  This New York Law Journal article provides the full spectrum of perspectives on that question, making it either journalistically professional and even-handed or else a complete hodgepodge...

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Corporate Jet Stranded in Barbardos? Think Instant-Messaging

Is Instant-Messaging just for the under-30 crowd?  Think again.  Used with discipline (read: with sensitivity to cultural considerations), and once it grows up in terms of: interoperability across platforms (AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft), archiving, and security it may be...

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