Different Price Points/One Brand?

I’ve previously mentioned the Business Leadership Summit being organized by The Lawyer, taking place in London September 22—23. (More information here; registration here.) On the afternoon of Wednesday 23 September I will be moderating a panel (3:30 pm – 4:30 pm) on “The Law Firm of Tomorrow,” which will include Charles Martin, Senior Partner, Macfarlanes; Darryl Cooke, Managing Partner,
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A few weeks ago reports surfaced about a motion seeking to compel Norton Rose Fulbright to withdraw from representation of its client Duke University in a case brought against the university by the estate of John Wayne, which wants the right to market alcoholic beverages branded with Wayne’s “Duke” nickname—a textbook trademark dispute. The Wayne
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The Hollow Middle Since 2008

I call it the Hollow Middle, but Knowledge@Wharton prefers “Disappearing Middle.” Here’s what, writing in their pages, the CEO of the Cambridge Group, identified as “a growth strategy consulting firm that is part of Nielsen,” has to say about it: The Great Recession forced consumers to drastically rethink their purchase behaviors and, even though many
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The Power of Asking

Today we have a column by my partner in Adam Smith, Esq., Janet Stanton. Before joining Adam Smith, Esq., Janet had years  of experience leading highly profitable teams of professionals at a global communications agency for clients such as Pfizer and the US Department of Defense.  For the last several years of her tenure at
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The Credo Card

If you’re like me, you travel a lot. and you almost certainly have your own views of, and preferences among, the familiar roster of hotel brands, Hilton, Marriott, and Sheraton, but also at the high end Fairmont, Four Seasons, J.W. Marriott, and Ritz Carlton. All of the latter are without fail lovely “properties” (as the
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Take Our Law Firm Taxonomy Survey

At the conclusion of the final article in the “Law Firm Taxonomy” series (the article on Synergistic Super-Boutiques), I invite readers to take a survey offering your thoughts about the taxonomy structure in general, a few pointed questions about your firm in particular—don’t worry, it’s anonymous—and perhaps of greatest interest, I seek your input into
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A law firm taxonomy: Introduction

We humans like to put things in categories. And while we can get it plain wrong, or mix up two categories benignly or malignly, there’s no question our propensity for categorization—from friend or foe and food to poison, to Linnaeus, to the periodic table, to the Dewey decimal system—has gotten us a long way on
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Casualties of Discounting

Permit me to paraphrase, and hopefully not mutilate, the lead from a recent article on strategy + business, the Booz & Co. (nee Booz Allen & Hamilton) online magazine: It’s a tough world ….  New technologies … have permanently changed the [law firm selection ]experience. Meanwhile, a sluggish economy and rising competition are testing brand loyalty.
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Allen & Overy’s Annual Review: Compared to Yours?

From Allen & Overy’s 2011 Annual Review, which I happened to pick up in a visit to one of their offices last week, come some thoughtful essays you wouldn’t expect to find were it the usual firm’s “higher, faster, bigger, stronger, better, wider, longer, lower” sort of exercise in self-congratulatory high-gloss prose. A sampling. From Professor
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