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Happy Birthday, Adam Smith!

Today is Adam Smith’s birthday: 1723, so he would be 292 today. Well, at least we think so. His birth was registered at the church in Kirkcaldy, Scotland (just across the Firth of Forth north of Edinburgh, not 10 miles as the crow flies) on 5 June 1723, so educated guesses place his actual birth
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Ronald Coase, 1910 – 2013

Ronald Coase died Monday in Chicago at 102. The Nobel Laureate in Economics in 1991, his two most famous papers, The Nature of the Firm (1937) and The Problem of Social Cost (1960) began by asking such profoundly simple questions—the word “childlike” is fitting, in the kindest sense—that the insights he derived would revolutionize our
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Summer Reading

A publishing rite at this time of year is for sites far and wide to offer their own recommended “Best Summer Reading” lists. For all things there’s a first, so here is Adam Smith, Esq.’s First Annual Summer Reading List. (And I reserve the right for it to be the last.) Inspiration comes from Andrew
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Happy 290th Birthday, Adam Smith

Born in Kirkcaldy, Fife, June 5, 1723; died  in Edinburgh July 17, 1790, at age 67. (There’s some question as to his exact date of birth, but June 5, 1723 was the date his baptism was recorded and it’s all but universally deemed his birthday.)  He’s now memorialized with a statue on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile.

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Happy Birthday, Adam Smith

Born June 5, 1723, Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Died July 17, 1790, Edinburgh. Today would be his 289th birthday.

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Dewey: 1909—??

Two firms have this week received far more press attention than, one suspects, they counted on or quite know how to cope with:  Our own industry’s Dewey LeBoeuf, and of course the iconic (good and bad sense) Goldman Sachs. Goldman Let’s take Goldman first.  Its moment—which is displaying a half-life far longer than the typical
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Two Books

Today we’re talking about books. Specifically, Robert Frank’s The Darwin Economy and David Rose’s The Moral Foundation of Economic Behavior.  I believe the first–far better known–is a failure and the second–while too drily academic to gain a wide popular audience–is a success. Frank is a widely published and well-know economics professor at Cornell’s Johnson Graduate
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The “Adam Smith” Award for Innovation in Legal Service Delivery

A couple of weeks ago I learned that the legal department of Kraft Foods issued its “Adam Smith” award, for innovation in the delivery of legal services, to Clifford Chance, and Kraft intends it to be an annual award. I was curious to learn more. The first thing I learned was that the award was
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European Trip

I got back to New York this past Memorial Day Weekend after my extended European trip. While the trip was even more professionally rewarding and successful than I had hoped–not to mention fascinating and deeply gratifying on a personal level–I owe you all, Dear Readers, an immediate and fervent apology for appearing to have gone
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Adam Smith’s Home Town

If you’ve never been to Edinburgh, I highly commend it to you.  And that’s not just because of the Adam Smith connections, although that’s what I’ll very briefly mention here. We’re staying about 200 yards down the Royal Mile from Adam Smith’s new statue, unveiled 4 July 2008, and about 400 yards up from his
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