Happy Birthday, Adam Smith!

Today is Adam Smith’s birthday: 1723, so he would be 292 today. Well, at least we think so. His birth was registered at the church in Kirkcaldy, Scotland (just across the Firth of Forth north of Edinburgh, not 10 miles as the crow flies) on 5 June 1723, so...

Ronald Coase, 1910 – 2013

Ronald Coase died Monday in Chicago at 102. The Nobel Laureate in Economics in 1991, his two most famous papers, The Nature of the Firm (1937) and The Problem of Social Cost (1960) began by asking such profoundly simple questions—the word “childlike” is...

Summer Reading

A publishing rite at this time of year is for sites far and wide to offer their own recommended “Best Summer Reading” lists. For all things there’s a first, so here is Adam Smith, Esq.’s First Annual Summer Reading List. (And I reserve the...

Happy 290th Birthday, Adam Smith

Born in Kirkcaldy, Fife, June 5, 1723; died  in Edinburgh July 17, 1790, at age 67. (There’s some question as to his exact date of birth, but June 5, 1723 was the date his baptism was recorded and it’s all but universally deemed his birthday.)  He’s...

Happy Birthday, Adam Smith

Born June 5, 1723, Kirkcaldy, Scotland. Died July 17, 1790, Edinburgh. Today would be his 289th birthday.

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