Do Open Legal Markets Spur Innovation?

The following article is reprinted by kind permission of Thomson Reuters, where it first appeared in their Forum magazine. It was written by Antonio Leal Holguin, Director, Adam Smith, Esq. The Colombian case. Twenty years ago, Colombian lawyers were still artisans.... read more +

Key Pages of Our Site Now in Spanish

With the addition to our team of Antonio Leal Holguin, our Director based in Bogota, it was time to add a Spanish language version of key pages of our site.  They are: Our services and what we do (this also links to case studies in Spanish); Bruce’s background;... read more +

A Parable of Client Service

A parable of client service in four acts. The wireless providers’ market in the US (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile) has achieved saturation. Subject to rounding errors, every American from age 10 to age 90 has a smartphone. Among the providers, it’s a... read more +

LinkedIn “Share” Button On Every Article

Dear hyper-connected readers: “Due to popular demand,” as they say, we have now incorporated a magic LinkedIn Share button in the footer of every article and column we publish.  It appears at the bottom of every page of multi-page articles, not just the... read more +

Question of the Month

Over the past few decades, every other sizable sector of the professional services industry has switched wholesale from being organized as partnerships to being organized as corporations.  This includes: Management consultants, such as McKinsey, BCG, and Bain;... read more +

Commencement Speech by John Roberts

Unknown to me was that Chief Justice John Roberts’ son has been attending, and just graduated (9th grade) from Cardigan Mountain School in New Hampshire.  Dad delivered the commencement address. An excerpt: Now the commencement speakers will typically also wish... read more +



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