Calling All Lapsed Lawyers

Lapsed lawyers are one of our favorite groups, because they tend to be so diverse in their backgrounds, motivations (for lapsing) and current post-law situations. And we finally have an opportunity to find out  more about you all. Please follow this link to take a...

The 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics

The annual award of the Nobel Prize in Economics (technically, since it’s not one of the original Nobel’s, the “Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel”) is always an occasion for a toast here at Adam Smith, Esq.,...

Scary Chart

Here’s a depressing chart, courtesy of the enthralling and overwhelming All Things Data site Calculated Risk.  This shows the percent of job losses relative to the peak employment month for every post-WWII US recession (there have been 11). You can see that: In...

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