Which War for Talent?

“Failure to attract and retain top talent” was the number-one issue in the Conference Board’s 2016 survey of global CEOs—before economic growth and competitive intensity. In more complex jobs, this will continue to be true as baby boomers (and their long experience)... read more +

Question of Month: Succession Planning: Why is it Radioactive?

This column is by Janet Stanton, Partner, Adam Smith, Esq. Dear Readers, Succession planning has been much on our minds lately, in part because it is so rarely on the minds of most law firms or lawyers.  And as Bruce noted when posing this question, “according to the...

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Alan Hodgart, RIP

With deep sadness and a large dose of shock, I received word early this  morning that Alan Hodgart, a friend and colleague, died suddenly and unexpectedly yesterday in London. I have taken the liberty of reproducing below an email I received later this morning from...

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The 2018 Thomson Reuters/Georgetown Report on Law Land

Our friends at Thomson Reuters Legal Executive Institute asked us if we might share some thoughts with them on this year's always enlightening and probing Report on the State of the Legal Market and they published our reflections a few days ago. We are delighted to...

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