Document Management in a Post-SOX World

Network Computing magazine has a cover story comparing heavy-duty document management systems—in this case via responses to an RFP they sent out with requirements for a hypothetical $10-billion market cap, NYSE listed company.  While the scale of the project might...

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“We Are Functioning Well [But]…”

Maybe an attractive culture will only get you so far.  That, at least, seems to be part of the message of this story about management and strategic changes at Philadelphia's Ballard-Spahr. Perhaps the biggest change to management is that they will formally install...

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The Recruiting Outlook for 2004

When does what a "retained" recruiter do for you cross over from head-hunting to quasi-management consulting?  (Think:  Acquiring a practice group or moving into a new city.) And what about the trend towards more and more professionalization of firm management? "With...

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VoIP: “The Only Question is When”

According to CIO Magazine, the question is not whether you should or will convert your phone system to "Voice over IP," but when:  IP telephony industry revenue is forecast to double in the next three years (to $1.2-billion).  Not only are its features far greater and...

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An Incentive for Drafting RFP’s Full of Holes?

Back in 2000 the Department of the Navy awarded EDS a nearly-$7-billion, 7-year contract to provide all the Navy's IT data, voice, and video services, plus all desktop and laptop PC's, for 400,000 or so Navy and Marine Corps members.  Now, I defer to no one as a fan...

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