Turning SOX Into Lemonade

Price Waterhouse Coopers has a thoughtful, and lengthy, whitepaper laying out their vision of a "Governance, Risk, and Compliance Operating Model" (it's consultant-speak; they can't help themselves) which actually embodies a belief I've held for awhile:  That we...

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Want to Get Bigger Fast? Caveat Emptor

The UK publication Legal Week posits that mergers are becoming an endangered species because, among other things: cultural considerations are seen as increasingly central to differentiating a firm from its competitors, and cultures are inherently difficult to merge;...

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What If You’re Not the Alpha Male?

"Management all comes down to people." How often have we heard that, and how often is it honored in the breach? CFO Magazine writes that the knee-jerk assumption that everyone in each department (in this case, surprise, finance) wants to be promoted to the top is...

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Nobody Ever Got Fired for Hiring Skadden

In what it would be convenient to characterize as more evidence in favor of the consolidation trend mentioned in the Wilmer-Cutler/Hale & Dorr posting, this article discusses New York firms' successful invasion of Silicon Valley.  They have opened new offices in the...

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Welcome to the AmLaw Top Ten

One of the last things I intend to do with this blog is to report on breaking news, but the Wilmer-Cutler/Hale & Dorr merger is worth a few words. The merger is being commonly described as "offensive," to differentiate it from the more common opportunistic acquisition...

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