Which War for Talent?

“Failure to attract and retain top talent” was the number-one issue in the Conference Board’s 2016 survey of global CEOs—before economic growth and competitive intensity. In more complex jobs, this will continue to be true as baby boomers (and their long experience)... read more +

Drucker Distills It All

Some people are legendary for a reason, among whom I count Peter Drucker on management. If you only read one thing today, this should be it.  Eight practices, one rule. Pithy, pointed, and...

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Is Lit Support Stronger in the US Than in the UK?

If a University of California study is to be believed, 800MB of electronic data is generated every year for every man, woman, and child on the planet. (And some of us are responsible for more than others.)  Be that as it may, this Legal Week article is a nice precis...

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Should You Be Holding a Monthly Press Conference?

A recurrent theme in the managerial literature surrounds the pitfalls and difficulties encountered when a line manager moves up to a "CXO" level position and must simultaneously shed the comfortable involvement with the day-to-day "transactional" work—something at...

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SOX & Knee-Capping Our Comparative Advantage

I rarely if ever will use this blog for editorial purposes, but as a securities lawyer who chose that practice specialty primarily out of my (economist's) immense respect for the United States' capital markets—an area where we have a comparative advantage in spades—I...

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Is Your CFO Like a 747 Pilot?

All of us have peeked inside the cockpit of big, modern, commercial aircraft and, if you're at all like me, you see every available square inch covered with dials, knobs, toggle-switches, and warning lights, and you wonder how on earth the pilot keeps track of it all....

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