With pleasure I can announce that Tomorrowland: Scenarios for law firms beyond the horizon is now available as an audiobook on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

For those of you who might appreciate this format, it’s a little shy of a seven-hour “read,” or rather, narration, produced by the highly professional and talented Matt Haynes, who gives Tomorrowland an approachable, accessible, eye-level treatment—with a touch of sly humor added in. (We auditioned nearly 50 potential narrators and Matt stood out as someone who actually understood what he’s reading.) Matt has a non-specific American accent and, in my humble opinion, is very easy to listen to for long stretches at a time.

Since I don’t commute to work in a car or even by subway (I walk), audiobooks are not my book format of choice, but as the author/publisher I’m agnostic about what format you, Dear Reader, prefer. Options are a good thing.

Take it away, Matt!Tomorrowland

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