We’re in Prague for most of this week meeting with some firms and delivering the keynote at Ecoomia.cz’s annual Innovative Legal Services Forum. Thanks to our lead host, Jaroslav Kramer.

The leading Czech business newspaper was kind enough to print an article about us in today’s edition (16 May 2017):


Don’t worry; the ballroom where we were photographed is neither as pink as it looks (though it’s pretty pink–it’s called the “Bocaccio” Ballroom for some reason, after all) and that was not the venue of the actual event.

In attendance were nearly 200 senior law firm leaders from the CEE and we can report that many of their issues–client pricing pressures, recalcitrant partners whenever the words “new” or “change” are introduced, and the dance between indigenous market leading firms in the CEE and the global players –are omnipresent in Law Land and very similar here, albeit with local nuance. A slightly more comprehensive report to follow.


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