Dear Reader:

From my long-time friend Stephen Denyer in London (Head of City and International at The Law Society) comes this:

Dear Bruce:  Might I take a moment to emphasise how welcome all Adam Smith followers worldwide will be at the Global Law Summit taking place in historic venues across London in less than two weeks time (23rd to 25th February). If you are scheduled to be in the UK then or can adjust your travel plans to incorporate this, there are great opportunities for you here.

With more than 1,200 confirmed delegates from over 95 countries this will definitely be the biggest and most diverse legal conference ever to take place in the UK. It is a truly international affair which is due to be attended by many of the most prominent business lawyers in the UK (every Magic Circle firm is playing a prominent part), by GC’s of global enterprises as well as by bar leaders, senior government officials and senior business leaders from all over the world.

One new addition to the Summit programme is a feature on War Child a charity delivering immediate safe havens to children in war zones and also supporting their rights to education and creating sustainable lives free from violence. Carey Mulligan, Global Ambassador of War Child (and actress recently seen in The Great Gatsby), will be speaking about this at the Summit.

If you do not yet have a ticket for the Summit and would like to go, please email Stephen. Stephen is a longstanding ABA member himself and is keen to ensure a strong ABA showing at this historic event. Stephen is standing by to help you secure your seat at the Summit.

Alas, commerce obligations preclude me from being there, but I look forward to reports from far and wide.

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