If you haven’t yet heard about Above the Law‘s “Converge” conference coming up here in NYC on Wednesday, March 18th, you’re about to. It’s a full-day conference at the marvelous University Club (Fifth @ 54th, McKim, Mead and White, 1900) designed to “help lawyers navigate emerging trends in media and technology.” Highlights include:

  • Keynote by the omnicompetent Justin Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media Group (formerly of The Atlantic, and a co-founder of Breaking Media); and panels on
  • online reputation and privacy, including the Google “right to be forgotten” case;
  • the “MSM” (mainstream media, lest you forget), and how to get your story out to them;
  • emerging technology; and last but not least, the small topic of
  • the future of law.

Think you’ve had it up to here with conferences and panels largely designed and delivered to promote the speakers’ hobbyhorses? Think again. In refreshingly plain English, this promises to:

Avoid the jargon-choked and inaccessible discourse which typically characterizes discussions of legal technology, this session will explore the real world, concrete implications of emerging technologies and their impact on legal careers. Let’s finally settle the question of whether robots are coming to take all our jobs.

Take a look. Heck, sign up!


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