Going to be in San Francisco Wednesday, March 11? Want an excuse to be?

Then we have the answer for you: Please join us at our day-long conference, Innovation in Entry Level Recruiting.

Why attend? From the program description:

It’s no longer news that the legal profession is undergoing seismic changes resulting from a “perfect storm” of converging powerful forces. And, these changes continue to bedevil many in the profession.

Growth in the demand for legal services continues to be stubbornly anemic. New types of legal service providers are gaining traction further exacerbating the competitive pressures on traditional law firms.

Continuing pricing pressure is an uncomfortable fact of life.

Needing fewer incoming associates does not make recruiter’s jobs any easier. Quite to the contrary, this puts each entry-level hire more under a microscope than ever before. Firms can no longer put up with the astonishing and costly levels of attrition that have plagued the industry for years.

We all know how challenging legal recruiting has become. This is the first conference specifically focused on new approaches—including what we might learn from other industries.

– How can firms hire smarter and more cost-effectively?

– Similarly, how can firms, schools and other suppliers address the missing links between traditional law school models and a viable “path to practice” for newly-minted JDs?

– What may Law Land be able to learn from the recruiting practices in other industries?

This unique forum will explore the current recruiting environment and look at what’s changing and what’s not in legal recruitment. We’ll hear from those who are revamping their thinking and approaches to legal recruiting. These include professionals within firms, from law schools and those who are developing and implementing innovative approaches to address the radically different needs of the market. We’ll also seek insights from those outside Law Land to learn other ways to “up” our recruiting game!

For those who want to change the focus from what’s not working to what is and what could be…

Here are the details:

I’ll be giving a brief introductory talk and moderating all the panels during the day. Hear from the following people:

  • Jim Leipold, Executive Director, NALP
  • William D. Henderson, Professor, Indiana University Maurer School of Law, Director, Center on the Global Legal Profession
  • Bruce MacEwen, President Adam Smith, Esq. and President JD Match
  • Terry Galligan, Assistant Dean of Career Development, Berkeley School of Law, UC-Berkeley
  • Craig R. Compton, Esq., Assistant Dean of Career Services, UC Davis School of Law
  • Sari Zimmerman, Assistant Dean, Office of Career & Professional Development, UC Hastings
  • Katie Schwartz, University Programs Technical Recruiter, Twitter
  • Michael Russell, Hiring Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati
  • Bobby Weiss, Director of Recruiting, Waller Lansden
  • Lisa Brown, Professional Development Partner, Schiff Hardin
  • Paul Lippe, CEO, Legal OnRamp
  • Stacy Kuhn, JD Match
  • Mark Levin, Co-Founder, The Right Profile, LLC
  • Patrizia Magni, Founder, Thread (Executive Search)
  • And Others…

You can register and see the entire agenda here.

Hope to see you there!


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