At the conclusion of the final article in the “Law Firm Taxonomy” series (the article on Synergistic Super-Boutiques), I invite readers to take a survey offering your thoughts about the taxonomy structure in general, a few pointed questions about your firm in particular—don’t worry, it’s anonymous—and perhaps of greatest interest, I seek your input into how the industry may evolve in future.

Surveys are only as good as the respondents, so I urge you, one and all, to take the survey.

  • It’s extremely brief
  • I predict you’ll enjoy the questions themselves
  • Responses are anonymous
  • Whether or not you answer any particular question is entirely voluntary;
  • That is to say nothing, in the best Adam Smith, Esq. “let the market decide” spirit, is mandatory.

So what’s stopping you?

Take the survey!

PS:  You know where to look for a comprehensive report on the results.


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