We are delighted to announce that we have just published the complete 12-part series Growth is Dead as an e-book.  Demand from you, Dear Readers, to be able to have the entire series available in one spot, was unprecedented and trying to satisfy those requests was frankly one of our primary motivations.  (But we must confess it’s also nice to have published a book.)

Fundamentally, the story is one of our industry moving from decades of virtually uninterrupted growth to, today, a battle for market share.

Among other topics, the series addresses the implications for law firms’ strategies in the wake of the great financial reset of 2008 and its continuing repercussions including:

  • (a) relentless pricing pressures;
  • (b) excess capacity;
  • (c) unrealistic partner expectations; and
  • (d) the accelerating entry of new “legal service provider” organizations,

with all their implications for career paths, the traditional leveraged staffing model of law firms, and much more.

The book is available through Amazon for their Kindle platform, a format we selected because Kindles are so popular and because for the Kindle-less there are free Kindle “emulator” apps available for the iPhone, iPad, and iTouch, as well as for Android devices, BlackBerry’s, Windows phones, Mac and PC desktops, and more.

Here’s the link to Growth Is Dead: Now What? Law firms on the brink” on Amazon.

Here’s where you can get the free Kindle “emulators” for a wide variety of other devices and platforms.

Enjoy—and let us know if there are other series from Adam Smith, Esq. you’d like in e-book format.

Cover of Growth is Dead

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