On Thanksgiving Day, it seems only fitting to mention to you, Dear Readers, how thankful I truly am for your interest, support, and loyalty.

Without question the most emotionally and professionally satisfying benefit I’ve derived from publishing Adam Smith, Esq. (for now nearly 10 years) has been the wide array of thoughtful, reflective, articulate, and bedrock-decent people I’ve met thanks to the site—people from all over the globe I never would have crossed paths with otherwise.  Thanks to you all (and you know who you are).

To provide a tiny preview of insight into what I’m talking about, consider just a handful of quotes from the responses to the recent reader survey we conducted here to learn more about you.  In reply to the question, “What’s the most pressing/frustrating strategic, financial, or business issue facing me/my firm?,” here’s what a few of you said:

  • “Getting fellow partners to recognize the urgency of addressing new reality/paradigm shift occurring with creative thinking. … Everyone is waiting until it becomes obvious – and firms like mine might not be able to wait to follow if we want to survive.”
  • “Change management in a profession that has not largely chnaged in a period longer than the professional lifetime of living partners.”
  • “From a young partner’s perspective, I have real concerns about whether the leadership’s incentives are really aligned with my own. For them, the model only needs to work for a few more years, rather than a few more decades, and they have come into leadership positions by being successful—so their ability to recognize challenges is diminished.”

You get the picture; I shall say no more, but stay tuned for a full report and analysis of the reader survey, in the near future.

We leave you with two Thanksgiving Day images, one traditional and one from just last night.

All our best wishes to you and those near to your hearts.

Inflating the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons, the night before, on the Upper West Side (an easy walk from here)


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