Announcing the launch of the "Adam Smith, Esq." official "Savvy Blawgers
Panel," a brain trust I will rely upon to sound off and chime in on
(hopefully) interesting ideas I will query them about every so often—not
so often as to wear out Adam Smith’s welcome, but often enough to keep
the Panel, and you, dear reader, engaged.  The notion is to pose
a question, collect answers, and publish them here on "Adam Smith,
Esq." for the edification of all.

What will these topics be, and who are these people?

The topics will range from the high-end and deeply strategic ("The
future of ‘[…..]’") to the practical and down-to-earth ("The gadget
I could not live without is …").  Readers are also invited
to submit mind-bending or just plain irritating questions of their
own, understanding that the editor (Bruce) reserves the right to accept,
reject, edit for clarity or brevity or good taste, and so forth–and
know that all decisions of the judges are final.

The panelists are a highly selective group of outstanding members
of the legal blogosphere:  Once all have confirmed their acceptance
to this august panel, I will post a list identifying them and their
blawgs.  For the moment, I hope to be able to promise a treat
in the quality, acuity, variety, and overall sassiness of the group.  We
don’t need no shrinkin’ violets!

Stay tuned; the first Savvy Blawger Query will be posted shortly.

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