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“Converge” Conference/NYC

If you haven’t yet heard about Above the Law‘s “Converge” conference coming up here in NYC on Wednesday, March 18th, you’re about to. It’s a full-day conference at the marvelous University Club (Fifth @ 54th, McKim, Mead and White, 1900) designed to “help lawyers navigate emerging trends in media and technology.” Highlights include: Keynote by
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Global Law Summit/London

Dear Reader: From my long-time friend Stephen Denyer in London (Head of City and International at The Law Society) comes this: Dear Bruce:  Might I take a moment to emphasise how welcome all Adam Smith followers worldwide will be at the Global Law Summit taking place in historic venues across London in less than two weeks
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2014 Nobel in Economics

Around this time of year the Nobel Prize in Economics is awarded, and while we don’t always cover it here on Adam Smith, Esq., this year’s is worth a note. As everyone who cares about these things an iota knows by now, the winner was Jean Tirole of Toulouse University in France, for his work
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Economics in 335 Words

Tom Sargent, a Professor at NYU, won the 2011 Nobel prize in economics (together with Chris Sims) for his work on “rational expectations” theory.   Four years before that, he gave a speech to Berkeley undergraduates which reads in its entirety: I remember how happy I felt when I graduated from Berkeley many years ago. But
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Ronald Coase, 1910 – 2013

Ronald Coase died Monday in Chicago at 102. The Nobel Laureate in Economics in 1991, his two most famous papers, The Nature of the Firm (1937) and The Problem of Social Cost (1960) began by asking such profoundly simple questions—the word “childlike” is fitting, in the kindest sense—that the insights he derived would revolutionize our
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Happy 4th of July

Our custom on America’s Independence Day for several years has been to publish a photo of fireworks—the real thing from the annual display over the Hudson River here in little old New York (albeit one year delayed)—but this year we’re deviating from that practice, while still publishing a few images which we hope are far
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2012: Year in Review

We’ve never done a year-end review, and don’t count this (The “First Annual” if you wish) a precedent, but I thought it worthwhile to build one of the final columns of 2012 around what law firm leaders are saying. So without further ado, as the sportscasters say, “Let’s go to the videotape” (primary sources for
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Calling All Lapsed Lawyers

Lapsed lawyers are one of our favorite groups, because they tend to be so diverse in their backgrounds, motivations (for lapsing) and current post-law situations. And we finally have an opportunity to find out  more about you all. Please follow this link to take a (really short) survey we developed with our friends at Above the
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2012 Economics Nobel

On Monday the 2012 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science was awarded to Lloyd Shapley and Al Roth, for their work on market design and matching theory, which relate to how individuals and firms find and select one another in areas from school choice to jobs to organ donations to marriage itself. Dr. Shapley, 89,
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Your (Not Quite) Private Panel of Economic Experts

Ever wish you could commission a quick poll of economic experts to opine on issues of current interest? Well,  you can’t, but we have the next best thing:  The University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business’s   Initiative on Global Markets forum. What is the “IGM?” It’s a newly launched online panel that poses serious questions
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