What We Do

We provide high-end consulting services to the legal profession and those who work with or for it.  Our strengths are:  Strategic assessments; client relationship programs; compensation structures; marketing, branding, and communications; leadership development; mergers and acquisitions.  Clients come to us for unvarnished candor and the strictest of discretion and probity.

We work with law firms of all sizes and in all market segments, from the Magic and Silver Circle and the most white-shoe of New York firms, to other global firms spanning the Americas, Europe, and Asia, to regional powerhouses and litigation, employment, and IP boutiques, of as few as a dozen lawyers.  We also work with corporate general counsel and in-house law departments seeking to enhance the value they derive from outside counsel relationships, as well as with corporations and other organizations providing products and services to the legal industry, including software and high-tech firms, and e-discovery and legal process outsourcing firms.

Bruce is a frequent and sought-after speaker at partner and firm-wide retreats, industry conferences, and other events in the United States and around the world.

We regularly design, prepare, recruit panelists and speakers for, and moderate conferences and webinars on topics of great interest to the industry.

We also prepare White Papers that address key industry issues.

Recent consulting engagements have included:

  • Leading development of comprehensive firm-wide strategic plans addressing, among other things:
    • Practice area focus
    • Geographic focus
    • Client/industry focus
    • Compensation and incentive structures aligned with the agreed foci
  • Assessing the integration—or lack thereof—of a global firm’s growing Asian network of offices;
  • Helping a firm make a smooth transition from its first generation of founders to the next generation of leaders, through redesigning the partner compensation system and other initiatives;
  • Advising firms on what financial and other performance metrics need to be captured in order to bid on requests for or voluntarily propose alternative fees structures in an intelligent and informed fashion likely to led to comparable or greater profitability as conventional hourly billing;
  • Counseling individual managing partners and chairs on a wide array of issues across their span of leadership, including:
    • Earning trust and confidence in the first year in office;
    • Setting a strategic agenda and creating and communicating a shared vision;
    • Dealing with difficult personalities; and
    • Succession planning.
  • Working with single-office firms to evaluate and explore, and at times to launch, their first non-headquarters office;
  • Undertaking competitive intelligence assessments of a firm’s actual and aspirational peer groups;
  • Designing, implementing, and monitoring client management initiatives
  • Undertaking (meaning designing, performing, and reporting on) research in all its guises, including:
    • Online surveys
    • Compiling syndicated and third-party research
    • One-on-one interviews with partners, associates, staff, and clients
    • Focus groups
    • Workshops and brainstorming sessions
  • Advising firms on recruitment and retention challenges.

What we do not do: We do not consult on the following topics, although we know several firms and individuals who can provide exceptional service in each of these areas and are happy to offer recommendations:

  • Individual coaching or mentoring;
  • HR issues;
  • IT from the technical perspective (as opposed to its strategic dimension, such as Knowledge Management)

Based in Manhattan, we operate globally, not only throughout the US, but from China and Brazil to the UK, EU, Canada, and Australia.