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Abogado y consultor de firmas de abogados en asuntos estratégicos y económicos, Bruce se ha convertido en un reconocido líder del sector.  Fundó Adam Smith, Esq. en 2003 y ha publicado más de 1,600 artículos en la página de Internet de la compañía, explorando temas como globalización, liderazgo, finanzas, fusiones y adquisiciones y la estructura del partnership.  Es un orador cotizado y asiste con frecuencia a retiros de firmas de abogados y conferencias del sector legal en los Estados Unidos y alrededor del mundo.

Bruce ha escrito o ha sido citado en:  Fortune; The Wall Street Journal; The New York Times; The Washington Post: Bloomberg News/Radio/TV; Business 2.0; The International Herald Tribune; The National Law Journal; The ABA Journal; The Lawyer; Latin Lawyer, y en numerosas otras publicaciones.  Bruce también es autor de Growth Is Dead: Now What? (2013), A New Taxonomy: The seven law firm business models (2014) y Tomorrowland: Scenarios for law firms beyond the horizon (2017).

Antes de fundar Adam Smith, Esq., Bruce:

  • Practicó derecho de valores y derecho corporativo en las firmas Breed, Abbott & Morgan y Shea & Gould en Nueva York; y
  • Fue abogado de valores in-house de Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter en Wall Street por casi diez años.

Bruce se educó en la Universidad de Princeton (BA magna cum laude en economía) y en la Escuela de leyes de la Universidad de Stanford (Juris Doctor).  También completó las materias del MBA de la Escuela de negocios Stern de la Universidad de Nueva York (NYU) (programa nocturno) mientras estaba en Morgan Stanley.

Un nativo de Manhattan, vive con su esposa y su perro en el Upper West Side de Nueva York, donde es el Presidente del Comité Financiero y Canciller de la parroquia de la Iglesia Episcopal San Miguel.

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Tomorrowland: Scenarios for law firms beyond the horizon

Tomorrowland: Scenarios for law firms beyond the horizon

Tomorrowland (2017) lays out possible future scenarios for law firms, ranging from “nothing changes,” to profound dislocations brought about by developments such as lawyer psychology blocking essential reforms, a dramatic escalation in the war for talent, the triumph of brand names, genuine and useful machine intelligence, new entrants (including the Big Four) grabbing market share, and more. It doesn’t predict what will happen but explains what could, drawing widely from the history of other industries and broad experience with how markets evolve and change.

“Must reading for every law firm managing partner, for every law firm partner, and for anyone interested in the future of Big Law. Extraordinarily well done and insightful; courageous and audacious. A tour de force.”

—Brad Karp, Chair of the Firm, Paul Weiss

“Covers some big territory very well and tests the edges of what is comfortable. Thoughtful and challenging; motivates the reader to pause and think, in spades.”

—Mark Rigotti, Chief Executive Officer, Herbert Smith Freehills

“No self-respecting law firm leader should be prepared to run the risk of leaving it unread.”

—Charles Martin, Senior Partner, Macfarlanes [from the Foreword]

“Masterful—a convergence of a lifetime of learning, and not just between the white lines of the legal industry.”

—Peter Kalis, Chairman and Global Managing Partner, K&L Gates?

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Growth Is Dead: Now What?: Law firms on the brink

Growth Is Dead: Now What?: Law firms on the brink

In early 2013 Bruce published his first book, “Growth Is Dead: Now What?,” outlining the consequences for the legal industry of the great financial reset of 2008. It has received an overwhelmingly positive response in the market, with strong worldwide sales; Bloomberg Law described it as having “immediately become required reading, from the one and only Bruce MacEwen.”

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A New Taxonomy: The seven law firm business models

A New Taxonomy: The seven law firm business models

Bruce’s second book, “A New Taxonomy: The seven law firm business models” came out in mid 2014, identifying distinct species of law firm businesses, their management priorities and challenges, intrinsic strengths and weaknesses, and future prospects. David Morley, Worldwide Senior Partner of Allen & Overy, said “My test of a good business book is simple; does it provide context that clarifies your thinking? This book does. It paints the BigLaw order of battle in vivid colors on a broad canvas. It helps you see the whole battlefield, not just the skirmishes.”

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Speaking Engagements

Adam Smith Esq. tailors seminars and presentations for law firms seeking to motivate and educate partners and associates. Every presentation is bespoke, created to address each law firm’s objectives.

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