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JD Match: Legal recruiting for the 21st Century

finally, real change comes to law firm recruiting

It is no secret that the current system of hiring law students is seriously flawed. For years, law firms, law students, and law schools alike have decried a chaotic and frustrating processóa source of high anxiety for all parties.

Enter JD Match, an idea whose time many thought would never come.

finally, a more rational process

JD Match builds on the current recruiting process, using an advanced algorithm to optimize the preferences of member firms and member candidates. The algorithm matches firmsí preferred students with studentsí preferred firms, maximizing both partiesí chances for a strong, lasting relationship.

JD Match is not a replacement for the existing system. It’s an enhancement. It complies with and complements all applicable NALP and school guidelines, improving results across the board.

how it works

JD Match is an online membership service open to all law firms, law students, and law schools. A key benefit of membership is participation in the Match Days that occur during the traditional 1L, 2L and 3L recruiting seasons in the fall and spring.

an idea whose time has come

For firms:
At last, a way to recruit law students that actually makes sense

Nobody likes the current system. In the competition for top candidates, offers and acceptances are forever out of synch. Firms and schools look for an edge. Offers close sooner. Anxiety reigns. Costs mount.

As a result, too many firms hire the wrong candidates. Too many students go with the wrong firms. And too many junior associates end up leaving.

Finally, for a fraction of the cost of replacing one departing associate, JD Match will minimize the chances of ending up with those expensive mismatches.

For students:

At last, a sane way to land a job with a law firm

You have your wish list, right? You know, more or less, which law firms you want to work for and which ones you don’t.

Law firms have their wish lists, too. They know, more or less, which students they really want to hire.

Finally, there’s a way to bring all the wish lists of all the law students and all the law firms together at one time, bringing much-needed sanity to the entire recruiting process

For schools:

Finally, order comes to the recruiting process

For years, law schools have been unhappy with the way their students are recruited by law firms.

In the competition for top candidates, firms look for an edge. Offers close sooner, and are accepted under intense pressure. Students feel they have to take the “bird in the hand,” afraid to wait for a later offer that might never come. Anxiety reigns. Chaos ensues.

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